The Cultural center of Tauragė

The cultural center of Tauragė, Dariaus ir Girėno 3, LT 72212 Tauragė
Director – Virginijus Bartušis
The most important activity priorities of Tauragė Culture Center are to promote and develop the artistic and cultural self-expression of the population, to create conditions for attending folk and professional art events.
Tauragės  Cultural Center executes various activities in Tauragės city and in 23 divisions of Tauragė district.

Activities and areas of activity of the Cultural Center
Here goes a public celebrations, concerts, calendar festivals, contests, afternoons, evenings, art amateur concerts, folk artists  exhibitions.

The main areas of activity of Tauragė Culture Center: creative, educational, artistic and entertainment organization activities; artistic creation; entertainment and recreation activities; cultural education; showing movies, etc.

Tauragė Cultural Center vision:
Competent, focused, efficient working and high-quality service. A dynamic, modern institution.

Tauragė Cultural Center’s mission:
Cultural center provides states; municipalities delegated functions and cultural priorities. Provides high quality services, seeks to meet the cultural needs of people.
Tauragė Culture Center has over 90 art collectives, which unite various fields of activity and age groups.


Cultural center of Tauragė
Code: 188720746
Director: Virginijus Bartušis
Phone: +370 446 79 973


Dariaus ir Girėno g. 3, LT 72212 Tauragė
Working hours:
I – IV: 8.00–12.00, 12.45–17.00
V: 8.00–12.00, 12.45–15.45

Ticket office

Working hours:
I – IV: 12.00–15.00, 16.00–19.00
V: 12.00–15.00, 16.00–18.00
On the rest days: 1 hour before the event.
Mob.  8 636 33518

Tel.  +370 446 79974