Art groups

Tauragė Culture Center has over 90 art collectives, which unite various fields of activity and age groups.

Song and Dance Ensemble  JŪRA

Song and dance ensemble "Jūra" is valued in the country, actively participates in festivals in Lithuania, Lithuanian song festivals, ensemble evenings in Kalnai Park, regional ensemble festivals, Tauragė district, city festivals.

String Orchestra SKERCINO

The ensemble was formed in 2012. We invite you to learn to play string instruments (violin, viola, cello) and play music together.

Bandone Orchestra

The unique situation and history of the Tauragė region also determined the development of a unique cultural environment and traditions. Bandon and its music are cherished in Tauragė region.

Folk theater

1960 The drama ensemble of Tauragė Culture House was awarded the name of the Folk Theater for its long-term activity in developing national art.

Senior folklore Dance Group VĖJAVA

The ensemble not only dances, but also organizes various events for the city community: Advent festivities, "Autumn Suktinis" for the elderly day.

Folklore Dance Group  „Spietlius“

The folk dance ensemble "Spietlius" for the elderly was formed in 2017. In November. People gathered here who longed for the dance and the association of like-minded people so the work is productive.

Female Dance Group VĖTRUBĖ

In this ensemble, women of all ages dance and they are all united by one goal - dance, because dance helps to relax and liberate the soul.

Mixed Choir   TREMTINYS

The choir was formed in 1988. The first manager is Stefanija Peteraitienė. Since 1995 the leader of the team is Romualdas Eičas.

Mixed Vocal Ensemble DAR PABŪKIM

The ensemble's repertoire is regularly updated, it consists of popular pop songs, "potpourri" songs, and arrangements of folk songs.

 Folklore Ensemble   RADASTA

In 2009, while participating in the Tauragė City Festival, the team donated 1,000 flower flowers to the audience and named the flower Radasta.

Tauragė Cultural Center Light Music Orchestra

The light music orchestra of Tauragė Culture Center was formed in the beginning of 2014 on the initiative of the director of the Culture Center Virginijus Bartušis.

Jazz Orchestra

The jazz orchestra of Tauragė Culture Center was formed in November 2019.

Men’s choir MINTAUJA

In 2002, on the initiative of D. Petraitienė, the singers of the Riflemen and Volunteer Unions were united. The first rehearsal - in 2002. September 23. The collective functioned as a public organization. Later, the Volunteer Forces were disbanded in Tauragė, but most of the singers remained, and the ensemble was supplemented by members of the Tauragė society.